Salta is the realization of a dream of four friends - Tomaz Reis, Mo Lisbona, Pedro Lopes and Rafael Almeida - all of them linked to the world of gastronomy, hospitality and production of major events.

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Salta is the abbreviation of Saltapatrás.

Just over a century ago, in 1913, the date of the celebration of Spain's union with the peoples of America was established. The promoter of Día de la Raza or Hispanic Day, the Spanish politician Faustino Rodríguez-San Pedro, said it was a tribute "to the spiritual intimacy that exists between the discovering and civilizing nation and the one formed on American soil."

But during the three centuries of the Spanish Empire in the "Indies" of America, what really ruled was a marked and very practical division of the social classes. The division was called the caste system and was present in the viceroyalty and territories of the Spanish crown.

With the discovery of America in 1492 and in the following decades of colonization, three basic social groups began to be formed:

- Whites: Peninsular Spaniards or born in America.
- Indians: Original inhabitants of America.
- Blacks: Slaves brought from Africa

Another group that was identified was the Chinos: Asians that came or were brought to America.

The mixture between these groups gave rise to the castes, a classification of the peoples given their lineage, who were their parents and what position they had in the medieval society of those centuries. And from this mix came a curious list of 16 basic combinations, although the possible mixes are numerous.

The caste that originated from the mixture of the Chinos (Asians) with the Indians (Native Americans), was called SALTAPATRÁS.

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