A dream you dream alone is only a dream. 
A dream you dream together is reality.

Salta wouldn't be possible without the collaboration and support of some people to whom we'd like to publicly say




Nisho, Adelaide Rabelo de Andrade, Design, Arquitectura, Design de Interiores

Adelaide Rebelo de Andrade

Graduated at Ricardo Espírito Santo Foundation, she is known for her body and soul delivery in all the projects she embraces.

Dedicating all her attention and creativity to the smallest detail, she stands out with an eclectic style, combining a more classic side with innovative design, combining with elegance the elements involved in its decorative projects.

Hence, environments that excel in comfort, refinement and originality result.

Her signature in the spaces in which it intervenes leaves them with a life of their own, which allows the client's personality to shine through.

Nisho, Catarina Morgado Rafael, Design, Arquitectura, Design de Interiores

Catarina Morgado Rafael

Graduated at the School of Architecture of the University of Lisbon, she has reinforced her training over the years with special interest in construction techniques more focused on environmental concerns.

She identifies herself as a creator of spaces, ambiences, stages to the housing, commercial or corporate experience.

Catarina aligns concerns with aesthetics, comfort or the relationship between quality and price, with an ecological awareness of the construction options, materials and techniques.


RVP Arquitectura Paisagista

RVP Arquitectura, Rosarinho Pulido Valente, Paisagismo, Horto do Campo Grande

Rosarinho Pulido Valente

RPV Arquitectura Paisagista is a brand that was born in 2015 in the heart of Rua Castilho, right in the center of Lisbon, aimed to project and maintain from the smallest patios to the largest luxurious gardens.

The project is developed in all its phases, from the Preliminary Study Licensing and Execution.

Each project is a new challenge where the fundamental is in the quality of the work presented to the client.

If the final result is in agreement or above the expectations of the customer, it is because the objective is fulfilled.



Diego Reis, Audio, Som, Engenheiro de Áudio

Diego Reis

Qualified and experienced audio engineer with a passion for sound engineering.

Throughout his career, he had the opportunity to work with important figures in the industry.

Diego is an expert in the field, with international experience, and familiar with all the technical aspects involved in creating a final product of competitive quality.

Diego currently runs his own studio and is ready to accept new projects.


NZ Agency

Isabelle e Constanza Allain Reis estão à frente da NZ Agency, uma agência brasileira focada em Branding, Fashion, Marketing e Conteúdo para pessoas, empresas e profissionais independentes. Direção de Arte, Identidade Visual, Sites, Conteúdo, Estratégia de Marca, Consultoria de Imagem, Styling, Personal Shopping, Limpeza e Styling de Armário, Planejamento de Marketing, Campanhas, Editoriais, Lookbooks, Ações e Parcerias.

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